Manage participants and managers

There are broadly two types of users/roles in Hatica Check-ins.

  1. Managers: Managing a check-in includes permissions to edit questions, users, schedule, notifications, and more.

  2. Participants: Any user who's not a manager is a participant. There are 2 types of participants:

    1. Viewers: These are users who can view the check-in from the Hatica dashboards

    2. Submitters: These are users who can submit a response for the check-in

How to add Participants to a Hatica Check-in

To help users quickly add users to check-ins, Hatica Check-ins have an option to select a team where in all members of the team are instantly added as submitters to the check-in.

The table provides a detailed view of all users added to the check-in, along with their roles. The table also comes with a handy search bar which enables you to quickly filter the list of users and manage them.

In cases where members outside of the team are to be added to the check-in, please use the "Add Member +" button above the table (or next to the search bar) to add additional members to the check-in.