Effort Alignment Dashboard

What are the apps that power this dashboard?

  1. Project management tools

Check out all apps supported by Hatica here: https://www.hatica.io/connectors/

What are the different filters available?

  1. Date range picker

  2. Repositories

  3. View by Teams (managed teams, custom teams) and individuals

  4. Project

What are the different use-cases for this dashboard?

  1. How do I visualize the effort output of my team?

  2. How to view the count of resolved epics, issues, or bugs from JIRA?

  3. How to view the number of story points completed from a project in JIRA?

  4. How to view the breakdown of issues from this sprint?

  5. How to view the breakdown of issues based on their labels?

  6. How to view the breakdown of issues resolved per project?

Some more references -