Effort Alignment Dashboard

The effort alignment dashboard shows you where your engineers are spending time and effort to help them focus on what's right for business. It includes metrics around tasks, epics, story points, issues, bugs, and more.

Metrics included in this dashboard
  1. The following 4 metrics show the count and a bar chart of the count completed by user or team:

    1. Story points completed

    2. Epics resolved

    3. Issues resolved

    4. Bugs resolved

  2. Issues resolved per type: This metric shows the types of issues and the amount of time spent on each of them, presented in the form of a donut chart.

  3. Issues resolved per project: This metric gives an overview of the projects, and how many issues are being resolved for each of them.

  4. Issues resolved per label: This metric tracks the labels used for issues and presents the number of issues resolved based on these labels tracked.

Additionally, these last 3 metrics are also available as trend charts that showcases historical performance.