Introduction to Cycle time dashboard

Simply put, the cycle time dashboard helps you identify bottlenecks and pain points by tracking PR cycle times.

Cycle Time is among the most widely tracked metrics among engineering teams and a great way to identify bottlenecks in the development process.

Since cycle time begins at the time of coding and ends with deployment, it gives a complete and holistic view of all the steps in the process, what’s working, and what’s not.

Apps powering this dashboard

  1. Git/VCS apps

  2. CI-CD tools

Check out all apps supported by Hatica here:

Available filters

  1. Date range picker

  2. Repo

  3. View by Teams (managed teams, custom teams) and individuals

Some reasons to use this dashboard

  • Understand the velocity, for selected teams or selected repositories, from first commit to deployment

  • View the Pull Requests on a particular day, which results in the cycle time value of that day

  • Gain visibility into how long each stage of the cycle time takes for your team(s)

Further reading

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