Cycle time breakdown

This represents the breakdown of the dev cycle down to its components which include:

  • Coding time: Time from first commit to opening the PR 

  • Review time: Time it takes from PR open to the first review 

  • Rework time: Time it takes from first review to merging the PR. 

  • Deployment time: Time it takes from merge to deployment.

This comprises of the cycle of updating the PR based on review to getting a followup review up till merging the PR.

Thresholds for the steps in cycle time:

Coding time Thresholds: 0-2d (Low), 2d-3d (Medium), >3d (High)
Pickup time Thresholds: 0-1d (Low), 1d-3d (Medium), >3d (High)
Rework time Thresholds: 0-1d (Low), 1d-3d (Medium), >3d (High)